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Well, they're not really spring colors, are they? I made that yellow-flowered background and just wanted to see what it would look like here. Maybe I'll change it in a week or so. It's a bit of a tedious job. I was tired of looking at all that blue on this site. I can only take so much of one thing and then I need a change. I do that with my house too. I love rearranging furniture; well, not the task so much as the result. It's an uplifting thing for me. Right now I'd be happy just to have my house clean; the way I clean other houses. That's not likely to happen tonight though so I'll just keep on blogging. We just got home from our church's 4th annual spaghetti dinner. (We always have it on the last Friday before Lent starts.) Alex and I work at it every year and it's very enjoyable. One thing I will probably never understand is that a church can have 200 families who consider themselves parishioners, but when it comes to church functions, there's only a handful of people who will "sacrifice" a few hours of their time to help out. It's a great way to give back to your church, and in my opinion, just as important as the financial contribution. Why ask why................. Don't just be.....DO!


Now you can see my mood when you visit my blog. I hope my moods don't change too fast, because that could get very tiresome........And I WOULD have changed it about two hours ago IF I could have gotten on the internet!!! I was printing something when my computer decided it had had enough and froze up. I restarted my stupid computer three times because each time it looked like it was going to act ok, the it would black out (or blue out; whichever you prefer.) It was then that we discovered we could not get on the internet and I was doubtful that it was just a coincidence that the two of those things happened at the very same time. For the next hour I "played" around with the blasted thing and to no avail. I took an hour off from worrying about it (watched Survivior) and went back to wondering why this was happening. I called my personal tech support and no one was home. Do you think I was feeling SPLENDID at this point?!?!? We're back on, but you know, I just asked my daughter why we freak out so bad when we're not able to connect to the internet. Is that sad, or what? Ok, I'm sick of seeing blue on this blog so I'm going to change the theme. Stay tuned..........you will soon see a very different look here. (I'm feeling splendid again.)


I signed up with BlogSnob! I think it'll be pretty cool. I have a link to their site over to the left. Check it out! Also, notice the link below that'll take you to someone else's blog. There will be a different link there every time you visit my site. Gotta go!


Ok, I just read my last entry and had to comment. I AM NOT illiterate. I DO know how to spell and I DO know how to speak with proper grammar. In other words, I'm aware of all the mistakes I made down there. Sorry. Just didn't feel like editing it because once I did that, and I could still see my old entry. Goodnight.
I've been adding photos to PBase for a little while now. I don't have much there yet, but I will. And for those of you who know me, "I will" may mean "I will in July." But, that's not what I mean here. I just addes some cute cat pictures and titled every picture. After awhile, I ran out of unique, impressive titles, so I decided to have a little fun at the end. (Not to say that ANY of my titles are unique or impressive.) Here's the link if you want to check it out. Nat's PBase Galleries I have a LOT of photos I want to add and some of those green ones, I plan to delete, edit them in a photo-editing program, and uploading them again. I know they're scarey looking. For some reason, flourescent lights makes for green photos. But there are some wonderful photo-editing programs out there for our use and I plan on using them. Again, I plan on doing that in THIS decade!!! Seriously, I have to sit down, concentrate, and FOCUS!! I get too distracted sometimes when I sit down at the computer. I start playing around with drawing and such. Before I know it, hours have passed. It sure snowed hard here tonight. It lasted about an hour and I couldn't even see across the street! But, not enough snow for a 'snow day.' Just enough to make ya mad. And to be quite honest with you, ANY amount of snow will make me mad at this point. It's almost the end of February and we have more snow in the forecast for Thursday night/Friday morning and again on Sunday. YUCK! I must bid you all goodnight. (I hope the comments feature is working again soon.) :(


I got two pages done in my photo album. By the time I "lolly-gagged around and got everything out, it was evening. Then I had to decide how to put my pages together. The first page always requires to most thinking. Once I get that done, I'm in the "mode." You know what I mean? I was glad to get that much done anyway. I went back to my earlliest album and decided I would close the gap between that year and the next album I started (which is about 3 years later.) I NEED SOME ORGANIZATION!!!! Today Alex and I had to go to the church that I work at to help the boss do a Powerpoint presentation. That ended up lasting an hour and a half. By the time we got home, I was making brunch/lunch instead of breakfast. Oh well. Alex was glad to help her out and I didn't mind that much either. Now it's time for dinner. I MUST get my CM back out! I'll let you know how many pages I complete tonight. Have a great day!


What a productive morning I had! It's only noon and all my ironing is done, clothes put away, kitchen clean, coupons cut, and dishes done! I forced myself not to turn on my computer until I got some work done because you know what happens once you sit down at the computer. Well, with me, I suddenly forget everything that needs to be done to keep the house in "presentable" condition. I understand the snow we were supposed to get is now down to 1-3 inches. That's good news. I hope it's one inch we get. I can drive in that! (I'm a wimp.) Yesterday I didn't even have my heat on most of the day. By evening though it was getting a little chilly in the house so I broke down and turned the heat up. I've been paying more for heat this year than I have EVER paid! Well, Spring IS on it's way. I also filled out my state tax forms this morning. Done for the year. I think I'm going to do some CM this afternoon. We just organized all our stuff yesterday and I realized I was working on three different "eras." I better organize that a bit. I have to connect the two years that I'm working on; that's my goal. My Georgia album is almost done so I can concentrate on the other. Happy Saturday everyone!


Whoa!!!! I haven't blogged all week! Don't stop checkin' on me. You know that's not like me. I wanted to blog the other day; it was about 7:00 a.m. and I couldn't get here. I guess some things were not meant to be. Now I don't feel like blogging about that subject anymore. I haven't chatted with ANYBODY lately. I haven't seen anybody online when I've been on. Not much going on here. Same ol' same ol'. You know? I've been creating some new things for my website but that's about it. Oh, and both cats are in heat. Joy. I should call the humane society and see if they could do the "procedure" for a reduced rate. There's only one thing worse than a cat in heat, and that's TWO cats in heat. Maybe I'll come on later to blog some more.........later!


I got my smilies to work. You have to go to "settings" and make sure you have "yes" typed into the smilies option box. That's how easy it is! Yeah! I think they're kind of cute. I was going to get up this morning and start working on a project around the house because I knew if I sat at my computer, I'd be here longer than I should. Did I? No! I had an idea that I wanted to try out so I sat down at my computer and did it. Now it's 11:00 a.m. and here I still am. I think I'll start that "house" project now. Later today I want to play around with a program that I haven't spent much time using yet. But............first things first!


I'm a geek! That can't be all bad if my Mom also ended up with that result. Happy Valentine's Day All!!! Once again, I'm glad it's Friday (well, actually it's Saturday now.) I have a free weekend and I'm thankful for it! I've been adding tables to one of my pages in my website and I think it's looking pretty good. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. Tables have never been my strong area in writing the html code for them so I always shy away from using them. Well my page needed some help and I thought I'd "bite the bullet" and LEARN about how to code tables. It's really quite logical once you get used to it. I'm rambling......................blah, blah, blah. It's way too late to be up so I think I'll get some "shut eye." I like to get up early on the weekends because that time is MINE!!! Goodnight!


I took the quiz about what type of high school kid I was. Hmmmmm..............I wasn't really surprised at the result but I didn't think I was THAT much of a geek. My daughter just laughed when she saw the results. I gotta get ready for a meeting (meetings, meetings, meetings..................yuck!!)


I had the weirdest dream last night. Actually, I had a few short scarey dreams first, but can't remember what they were about. I do remember trying to make myself wake up because I didn't like what the dream was about. Have you ever done that? Anyway, the last dream I had was really weird and the end of it was quite scarey. Here's how it went: It was about 11:30 at night and we got a phone call from my mom. She said she wanted to come over because there was a program she had that wouldn't work on her computer because it required something that her computer didn't have on it. So she asked me if she could come over and use my computer. Of course I said yes. So about 11:45 p.m. there was a knock on the door and it startled me (even though I knew my mom was supposed to be coming over.) She got on my computer and put in this cd and started playing an action game. Yes, my mom playing an action game on the computer (and it was so important that she came all the way over to my house to play it!) While she was playing this game, I remember looking outside and seeing my younger sister sitting in my car listening to music. (Don't ask me; it was a dream.) I opened my door and asked her what she was doing. She just said, "I'm listening to music." I thought that was odd but went back inside. I told her that I'd be out in a minutes so we could go somewhere (I don't have a clue where) and the next thing I remember is my daughter and me in the car driving down one of the roads here in town and all the cars coming at me had their lights off! That scared me, so I said to my daughter, "No one has their lights on! Oh my gosh! Why does everyone have their lights off??" She said, "Mom, because they're going after all the cars with their lights on." As soon as she said that, this car started aiming right at us! I happened to be approaching a cross-road and thought I'd take that, to avoid being hit by this car coming at me, and I COULDN'T turn my steering wheel!!! Then I woke up. (Thank God!) I made myself stay awake long enough to replay this dream in my mind so I could remember it the next day and long enough to think of some happy thoughts and convince myself that I wouldn't have any more weird dreams. I didn't and I'm really glad. You gotta wonder what dreams mean and why we dream what we do. I try to analyze why I may have dreamed about something or someone in particular, but I'm not a dream analyst, so I just shrug it aside. Maybe I was just burned out from the day. Who knows? I think we all experience this once in a while. I just thought I'd share mine with you this time. I think most nights I'm so tired that if I do dream (which I understand we do every night; just don't remember them) I have no memory of it the morning. On that note, I bid you goodnight. "Sweet dreams!"


Not that you care to hear, but.........mission accomplished. (You'd know what I was talking about if you've been keeping up with my blog.) I have to find out if geocities lets you do a web page strictly in html. I have a page linked to my personal site that I don't necessarily want linked to the church site I do. Probably will check that out tonight. Also have to put photos up to PBase. Not sure if I'll get to that tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. This house needed some major attention and I HAD to walk away from my computer and force myself to do things I don't like to do. *sigh* I've been reading some blogs that are listed on one of the sites I visit regularly and I must say; they are quite interesting. I guess you either have the writing skill or you don't. You read my blog and pretty much know what's going on in my life but not how I feel about important issues. Well, we're all different, right? Anyway, I enjoy reading other people's feelings and opinions about things. ...........going to get that stuff done now. Maybe blog later!


I wanted to blog and I am at a loss for words. I'm sitting her listening to Whitney Houston with my headphones on so I won't make noise; the kid is sleeping. It sure would be nice to be able to talk on the phone without having to hold it or have it wedged between your ear and your shoulder. You know what I mean....I was chatting with my seeester the other night and she was using one of those things. I forget what they're called but you can buy them at a pretty reasonable price I guess. How spoiled are we, anyway? I'm sure I could "multi-task" much better if I could have both hands free while talking on the phone! Now there's a good justification, eh? Well, I have a busy day tomorrow. Gotta get the books balanced at work and that is going to require an alert mind! Wish me luck!


Learned how to make a new type of background last night. I WIKE it!!!! (You have to know me to appreciate my "lingo.") I think I'm ready to put a link to OttO Site! back on here. It's very empty but it'll fill up! Promise! I got so much I wanna do, ya know?? Check it out if you want; it's over there, to the left. Leave a message on OttO's Forum while you're at it. I'd love to here what you have to say (I think.)
It's coming along nicely; my website that is. It's slower this time because I'm doing different things. Don't give up on me! It'll all be back soon. Just wanted to stop in and let ya know that I'm not ignoring my other stuff. My oldest sister, the one I used to see almost every day, stopped in to see me today. We had a nice visit. We still stay connected though through the internet and email and even the phone! It was nice to connect in person though. There may be something that is the "next best thing to being there" but nothing matches it. I even had a short chat with my younger sister tonight. I spent some of the evening watching tv, but I couldn't stay away from the computer! "A day without the computer is like a day without sunshine." No, it's not. We have a lot of days without sunshine and I seem to get through them just fine. It's pretty common here so..............anyway, I gotta go! I stayed up WAY too late last night and I can't do that two nights in a row. Goodnight.


I've been working on reconstructing my OttO Site pages. It's going to have a totally different look. I think I like it better! It is a lot of work to make web pages and to find out that two whole pages are just gone, is a big disappointment. But I've been looking on the bright side. New page; new look; a chance to improve what I had there before. Also, I learned a very valuable lesson: Save your html code in a word pad every time you change something. Some people do that automatically but I never had a reason to so I didn't. Well, things have changed and I know now that I can recover anything that gets deleted accidentally or on purpose. I will admit that my first reaction was anger. But to be totally honest with you, that didn't last too long. If there's one thing that I have learned through my life, it's to try to look on the bright side of things. Think positive! It can make all the difference in the world! You know the saying, "Behind every cloud there is a silver lining." I know it sounds kind of corny, but it's true. This is not the first time that I've discovered a silver lining behind a cloud. Sometimes it takes us a while to find it, but don't give up. KEEP LOOKING! On another note; I don't think we're going to be staying home from school/work tomorrow, so I better get some sleep. Goodnight.


Well I have sad news. My OttO Site homepage is gone. It's blank; yes 100% deleted; nothing there; nada (for those of you who speak Spanish.) Only one thing to do: Start all over again! And of course if you know me, you know I will do just that. The way I have to look at this is it gives me an opportunity to give my site a whole new look. And that's just what I am going to do. Give me a few days or so, and if I'm home on Monday because of the snow we're supposed to get, you know where I'll be. Oh, in case you were wondering; no, I did not accidentally delete anything. I went to my church site and I clicked on the link to my "Inspirations" page, and it was blank. Well, that got me mad so I immediately went to ___________ to see what I did wrong (only I just knew I had the link right because I always check my links before publishing them) and I did nothing wrong. That page was blank too. That's when I started checking all my pages. Two whole pages gone. Why???? Who knows??? I only know that after I get done writing this blog, I will be thinking of a new page design and I will start working on it. This cannot destroy my spirit. So there!!! Got work to do...................
Earthgoddess pulls through again!!! You see our kitties up there? That's Kringle and Callie in one of the rare times that Kringle didn't get up and walk off the minute Callie tried to cuddle up with her. Cute, huh? I just heard on the news that we're supposed to get six inches of snow in our area tomorrow night. My immediate response was, "Woo Hoo!" Kind of childish but if the school is closed then so is our office! Hey, I'm not going to turn down a free day off. Would you? The down side of course is that many people DO need to be somewhere whether it snows or not. We shall see what happens......

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