This is just a test to see if I can accomplish a css task.
Hmmmm. I want this text to the right of the image.
Let's see if this works and how my text is aligned. Cross your fingers.


I won't be complaining about the picture thing anymore. So DON'T stop coming here cuz you don't want to hear me complain. I'm done! I'm excited...............I just made my first small blinkie from scratch!!! I made the image and everything. I used a couple tutorials as guides to get the thing to blink, but once I started doing it, everything seemed very logical. I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I've spent literally hours upon hours (different days) to get to this point. I guess it's something I really wanted to do. It may sound crazy, but I'm sure I've spent hours upon hours doing less productive things in my time. At least I was smart enough to save the background layer as a template for making other blinkies. That will save me some time. I just have to change colors and pictures, etc. That's enough for tonight. Goodnight All!!


It was there and now it isn't. I don't get it....................(the picture)


Alright.......WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??????????????????????? Can you sense my frustration? My picture isn't there. :(
I wasn't quite sure if I got rid of all the html code for the old "Subscribe to BlogMonstersAnonymoous" but I think so. For some reason I have a little white dot under our new link. Hmmmmmmmm. Well I had a nice chat with my Mom and one of my sisters. Seeester6 was not able to join us, but I'm sure she had a good reason. It's always fun chatting with family. You know what's really funny? I was the one who set up the chat time and I didn't even come on until 20 minutes after the scheduled time. Well, I think it's funny. I fell asleep watching the president. I'm not saying anything about his speech; I was just tired. I think we got a little more snow than predicted. Not that that surprises me. I'm glad the snow stopped because we don't want a snow day tomorrow. It's not very often that you will hear that come out of my mouth, but there's several reasons I'm hoping the roads are good to drive on in the morning. Number one being, I and most of my family have places to be in the morning. Also, it's Catholic Schools Week and the kids are actually enjoying going to school this week. I don't think it's as fun as SJS used to be, but they can keep their uniforms in the closet for the week because they have all kinds of special "dress up" days. Ok. I'm wide awake (due to my one hour nap) and I think I'm going to add a picture here now. I was just going through some of my cd's that I have them stored on and boy do I need to come up with a better plan! I have one actually; I just have to start using it! Organizing, organizing, organizing.............. Here's a good tip for anyone who is new at digital photography: ORGANIZE YOUR PICTURES FROM DAY ONE!!! Don't wait until you've taken a gazillion pictures to do it! Take my word for it. I wouldn't even be as organized as I am if it weren't for my parents who have wonderful ideas and share them with me. A big thank you Mom and Dad!!! Goodnight all.


Big bummer! I thought I was going to put a picture there where it says, "OttO's BlOggOs" three times!! I had to amuse myself with something. Well, like they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."
I guess that wasn't Janci who asked that question...............sorry Mom! I should pay closer attention. I had the day off but went to work to do some data entry. I won't be doing that during office hours anymore; too many distractions. It's a new program so I was trying to figure things out and customize the information that we want entered in there. I did get something done though. Another note: I will not do that during a work day on a day off. It doesn't seem like a day off then. Duh, me! We have a meeting at Nouvel High School tonight to find out about the school. It's supposed to last until 9:00...........too long if you ask me. I know my kid has homework today so I better tell her it would be a good idea to do it before the meeting since she's supposed to attend the meeting too. It's Catholic Schools Week (remember those days, Windy?) and they have different things going on every day at the school Alex goes to. I think the best part of the whole week's schedule is that Friday they won't get any homework because it's "Student Appreciation Day." Yeah for Alex! I ran into Seeester6 online this morning and we had a nice little chat. Have you been keeping up on her blog about her trip? It's quite interesting. I better go get something ready for dinner (shouldn't be too hard since I'm going to heat up what we ate yesterday.) Later!


I know why Janci asked if your entry is totally gone if you decide to edit it. I made an entry two days ago and later decided to change it. Yesterday I made an entry and when I clicked on "Post and Publish" and then "view web page" the old entry showed up. Tonight I just made an entry and the old one from two days ago was still there and the one I just posted was not. I'm sure it will show up sooner or later. Has anyone else had the same problem?
I'm a wimp...............driving in the snow, that is. We went to Patti's to crop today and it was snowing on the way there. Yuck! I had to take Alex back to Saginaw for a game and after the game we went back to Patti's The roads were fine by then. I don't think it snowed the whole afternoon, then when we were packing up to go home it was snowing again. Big BUMMER! The highway didn't look all that great to me, but I was the only one driving slower than 70 mph. We made it home safe and the good news is.................we had a GREAT day of cropping and visiting. We even have some of it on movie clips. Now if only I could find a way to display that on a website. Hmmmm.....


Those ever-popular quizzes.................I finally took one and proceeded to look through the list of available quizzes to put on websites and the one I chose is "What element are you?" Give it a try. I now have the thumbnail html code down pat! Yeah! Of course I spent a good portion of my day off figuring it out until it worked. Oh well, now I can help someone out if they have the same questions I had. I guess I like the challenge of figuring those kinds of things out. Of course it helps when you have a printed copy of the instructions in front of you. But if you're like me, you've probably printed tutoirals out before and we know that they do leave details out. To some of us, the "left-out" details may seem very obvious; to some of us not. Guess which of the groups I fit into? I'm AIR!! What do you expect????


Alex and I have been playing on the computer again! Just check our sites to see what we've been up to.
I found a forum to put on my other website. I was going to put it here but decided not to. Once again, I've been updating sites. I find it very enjoyable so I usually spend a lot more time doing that than I should. And I say that only because there are obviously other things that need to be tended to around here. I do feed my kid on a regular basis so I guess I'm ok there. My laundry gets folded and put away when it needs to and my house gets dusted and vacuumed periodically (probably not as often as those whose houses I clean, but it's not a sty.) Hey, if you're interested in putting a forum on your website, go to: http:www.freewebware.com and sign up! I hope to get some interaction at OttO Site! that way. Those smilies really kind of scare me though. A lot of them are not "happy" smilies; but scarey ones. It makes me wonder who created them and put them up there for us to use. Well, another late night and I gotta think about going to sleep. Morning comes awfully early!


I was just working on my other site and added a comment to one of the pages, alll the while thinking, "Hmmmm.......I have two blogs." I have trouble keeping ONE current! Anyway, the other one doesen't get the same stuff as this one; the other one is basically all centered around my experience in building and maintaining websites, and learning new cool stuff to add to them. I've been 'surfin' the net' a lot these past few days and I've come upon quite a few exceptional sites. Speaking of exceptional sites, I wonder if I could add Salas Cove to my list on OttO's Faves. I'll have to ask. I was just wondering too if I should take the blog links off my site as well, since it is a public site. (Like anyone who doesn't know me is going to visit it. sigh...) Alex has really done a lot with her blog the last couple of days. I'm really glad. She designed that poster of Simple Plan herself. She's "got it goin' on!" I know if she reads this, she'll be saying, "What a doofus." But, doofus or not, I'm a proud Mom.


I find this hard to believe...............I wonder if there's something wrong with the counter. I've had 20 visitors in 24 hours. Who knows? Weirder things have happened. Ok, I'm off from work today because it's Martin Luther King Day. I feel special. Since I didn't get all my housework done over the weekend because I was too busy playing around on my computer, I must do it today. It's not bad..........just a little dusty. I should have it done by noon. Gotta go clean!


The picture is there. Yeah! But if you look real close, it apears that I may have forgot to erase two pixels. We are our own worst critics! Or is it: We are our own worst critics!??? Back to learning new things. More blogging later.
I spent a good portion of this day so far trying things out with my computer and programs that I've had and not made the time to work with. It is very time consuming to learn new things! I'm going to try to put a picture here that I created from one of my digital photos. Be back.........


I thought I'd blog before going to my second day of training for Shelby Systems. Yesterday went very well. I took 8 (front and back) pages of notes! I'm looking forward to using this program. I'll be able to start entering membership and contribution info as soon as I get back to the office next week. The accounting portion I won't start using until July. If I wanted to use that portion before July, I'd have to transfer all the info from last July to present. Not something that's worth the time it would take. Today when I finish at the diocese, I get to come home! Yeah! I don't have to clean a house today (unless it's mine.) Well, I'm going to check my email and a couple of sites then go. Later!


Now I'm getting "junk mail" in my inbox! What's up with that??????? I used to know if I had any real messages if my inbox had some but now I can't count on that. I guess I'll just delete them like I do in my bulkmail. It doesn't pay to open them and click on "unsubscribe." In my experience, that just brings more junk mail! Yuck!
I didn't get all my work done for the week today (Tuesday) so I had to go back to work after I cleaned a house tonight. Big bummer! I was a little stressed today knowing that I was so short on time and to top it off, I had extra stuff to do. Now I'm home and my kid will be going to bed soon (should've already been in bed, but has exams this week) and I'm on the computer. You know, the reason why she's still up is the same reason why she ought to be in bed! Hmmmmmmm......................I'm not a bad Mom, really. I think. I can't get her to blog though! Just so you all know, I've tried and tried. Now it's your turn. Tomorrow I start Shelby training. I'm looking forward to it. I have to cart my computer to the diocese and I hope it's going to stay there for the three days of training. I can't imagine they're going to expect us to cart it back and forth. I plan on taking lots of notes and using my "big" ears to listen to every word. I suppose I should get a really good night's rest tonight so I'm "chipper" (I hate that word) in the morning. I have a few things to do before I retire for the night so I'm signing off......................


In case no one noticed, I'll bring it to your attention. I said below, "There's always a soluction to every problem." (I just edited it.) Well, there IS always a solution to every problem. I was just visiting some family blogs and I find them all quite interesting. This is fun, isn't it? Now you all know our latest mission, right? We want to drum up some members for our BlogMonstersAnonymous; people who really are interested in what kinds of things you can do with a blog. I have recently found a place that hosts pictures for you to use on other sites; for FREE! You get 1 MB of space and that's a lot when you consider your pictures should only be 50-70kb each. That means you could put 13 to 20 pictures on your blog at one time. When you want to change them, delete the images form the site (ranchoweb.com) and add more (I think.) I haven't gotten that far, but it sounds like it would work, don't you think? That's my FYI for the day. Goodnight bloggers..........


Now you can see all three of my pictures really good. There's always a solution to every problem. Yeah!


Ok fellow bloggers, join our group!!!!!! Just click on the link to the left.
There IS a picture of 'GrampaClaus' down toward the lower left of my blog site. I don't know why it's so small.....................bummer. I had a really busy week; I'm glad it's Friday night. It snowed really hard today in Bay City but in Saginaw it looked like it barely snowed at all. I was driving in what looked like a blizzard for a while. I HATE driving in that crap! This is my view on snow: If it doesn't snow at least 6 inches it may as well not snow at all. So there. When we were kids it was fun. We used to go down the "big" hill with our sleds and play outside for quite a while. I also remember going tobogganing. That's a wierd word. I know it's spelled right because Alex looked it up for me. We want more people to start visiting BlogMonsterAnonymous so invite people. Ok? I have to put that link on my blogspot. Who knows? Someone new might visit me here and click on that link to see what it's all about. And by the way, have you answered the poll that was posted there a couple months ago? If not, please take the time to do that. Thanks. OttO.


Tonight I finished printing and cutting some pictures that I took for someone almost two weeks ago. I'm glad that project is done. I need more light. I gotta thank Dad though, for teaching me (even if he didn't know it) about the lighting thing. I only had one light shining on the subject and I probably should have used more. One good thing is you don't get red-eye because you don't have to use your flash. But I did have to adjust the brightness in Photo Shop Elements. What a wonderful program! Well, we live and learn, right? I just got done chatting with Windy. I was wondering what she was doing up so late. Now I'm wondering what I'm doing up so late. I'm tired. I worked almost 12 hours today but I get to leave tomorrow at noon if all my work is done. This is not going to go on forever though. Next week I'll be going to the Diocese for a "Shelby Training Session." Shelby is our new accounting program. As soon as I'm done with that, I can start entering info into the program. I'll just be entering membership and contribution information at first. In July I will start using that program for our accounting. But here's the good part. I will have to work extra hours to put that info in, and I made it pretty clear that I can't keep just taking time off for the extra hours I'll be putting, in so my boss approved up to 100 hours extra for me to get that info in the computer. I'll probably try to work an extra 5 hours a week for the next 20 weeks. That way everything will be entered before July and that's my goal. Gotta go!


Thanks Mom!!! I did it! Make sure you see all my pictures I put on here. There's one you won't see until you scroll down the page, so be sure to do that. Thanks again! I'll blog some more later.........


Well I got some websites updated tonight and it feels good! Before that though, Alex and I met Patti and David at Media Play, came back here to look through my coupon book so we could eat cheap, went and had dinner together, then went to Barnes and Noble. That's a nice store. You can pick out a book or two, go sit down (we sat in the kid's section so David could look at some books), chat, read, whatever, and when you're ready, go check out. It's pretty cool. We got home in time for homework to be done, watch a little television and still get some time in on the computer. Today was a good day. Goodnight fellow bloggers!


5 days since I blogged last..............again! Yesterday we went to Patti's house to work on our CM. It was fun. I got three pages finished, but Alex and Mom beat us all with 6 and 8 pages respectively. Good going!!! When we got home I took a nap and we ate dinner (yuk!) My plan was to take down our Christmas decorations and by 8:00 last night that's what I was doing. What a job! I left all my snowmen up for the winter though and organized all my Christmas stuff in plastic boxes and labeled exactly what was in them. I did spend some time on the internet last night and I made a background of my very own with a picture I took with my digital camera. It's cool. I started a new page in Ottosite but didn't link it yet because there's really nothing there except the background, so as soon as I have a "subject" for that page, I will link it to the other pages. I think I'll try to add snow to that page. Today's a busy day again. I won't be online until probably after 9:00 p.m. I have a "going away/birthday" dinner to attend tonight with my co-workers. Well, I gotta go. I'll keep in touch!

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